Solution Design

RebelRoam considers  unique characteristics of ships, itineraries, and passenger demographics for custom solutions using best-in-class hardware and services.

GEO, LEO, and cellular services should merge seamlessly. Our solution design augments both high-latency GEO with low-latency LEO satellite connections and combines both GEO and LEO services with 5G cellular.

At minimum a cellular solution should include

  • Coaxial cable free integrated antenna modems
  • Integration of local and regional SIM cards
  • RebelRoam SIM Cloud for cellular connectivity management
  • Bandwidth aggregation/bonding
  • Least cost/best performance SD-WAN routing
  • Remote management and maintenance
  • Content management that keeps unwanted and unnecessary traffic off the link

Cellular Antenna Installation

The physical layout of antennas is critical. The ideal configuration ensures that there are always antennas with unobstructed views to cellular towers. When only a few antennas are deployed, structures such as a ship’s funnel or VSAT antenna can block access to a tower resulting in an unnecessary loss of cellular service.

Cellular modems with integrated antennas reduce installation time and costs. Further, Ethernet based connectivity eliminates signal loss associated with coaxial cable runs and delivers superior performance.
PoE ethernet connectivity also allows antennas to be strategically located around the perimeter of the vessel to avoid the possibility of the ship obstructing visibility to towers.

With up to 13 cellular modems per ship, multiple antennas can connect simultaneously to several cellular towers and different carriers, resulting in increased available bandwidth.

Certified Platinum Partner

RebelRoam is a proud Peplink Certified Platinum Partner. Peplink cellular connectivity and SD-WAN technology is deployed around the world, helping thousands of customers increase their bandwidth, enhance Internet reliability, and reduce costs. RebelRoam chose Peplink for their best-in-class equipment, engineering, and support services.

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The RebelRocket is part of a project that has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº806295