Network Optimization

Ensure enough onboard Wi-Fi bandwidth for the content people
want to use with their smartphones or tablets.

We keep unwanted and unnecessary data off the Wi-Fi link and deliver a superior Wi-Fi user experience.

Video has hijacked
the Internet

Video streaming creates very different traffic patterns compared to web services, where users request content, read it, and request more based upon their response to the previous download.

As opposed to web browsing, video streaming saturates the backhaul connection and is the main cause for network congestion and cost overruns.

Video traffic currently accounts for 69 percent of all smartphone data and is projected to hit 79 percent in 2027.

Streaming CDN

RebelRoam RebelRocket Streaming CDN solves the conflicting demands of video (and audio) streaming services versus web services and delivers bandwidth optimized video and audio streams over any onboard guest Wi-Fi service.

How it works

When a smartphone or other mobile device issues a DNS query for a particular domain, it is intercepted by the Streaming CDN nameserver and verified against Streaming CDN datasets. If it is determined that the particular fully qualified domain name can be served by Streaming CDN, the DNS query is resolved by pointing the traffic to the nearest Streaming CDN server in the cloud.

RebelRocket Streaming CDN servers deliver video streams at 240-480p resolution and audio streams in low-quality mode, without congesting the network for smartphone users or causing users to experience interruptions due to buffering.

Streaming CDN is optimising the traffic from all connectivity services and is hardware agnostic.Download whitepaper

DNS Filtering

Certain traffic, such as online advertisements, objectionable and illegal content, file sharing, background updates and back-ups can be filtered by the RebelRocket DNS Filter network policy management engine to achieve legal compliance and to further reduce the load onpotentially congested networks. This advanced filtering capability focuses on removing unwanted traffic, comparable to "Low Data Mode" on smartphones, applied to Wi-Fi networks.

Download whitepaper

The RebelRocket is part of a project that has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº806295