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onboard satellite integration for maximized connectivity regardless of your bandwidth consumption per passenger or your cruising grounds. Bandwidth demand is at an all-time high after tripling during the pandemic. Every operator wants more capacity. GEO and LEO satellites are the connectivity of choice for ships at sea. But when multiple ships arrive in the same harbor, satellite performance suffers.

5G cellular & satellite integration is the way forward

RebelRoam integrates 5G cellular service with LEO and GEO connectivity and is the leading supplier of local and roaming SIM cards for cellular connectivity around the world. Properly implemented cellular mitigates the satellite congestion problem while providing backup during coastwise cruising. We provision and manage local and regional SIM cards to assure the fastest and least cost service.

Manage SIM cards in the cloud

RebelRoam SIM Cloud service eliminates the need to provision SIM cards in the cellular modems locally - everything happens over the air, freeing up valuable resources and enabling lightning fast provisioning of the currently best (local) cellular connectivity service.

RebelRoam has demonstrated the performance of well-integrated Starlink and 5G cellular connections while sailing in the Aegean Sea during the summer of 2022. Results were reported in Business Insiders

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Cruise ships spend about 60-80% of their time in harbors or near shore. Major offshore passages typically occur late at night when most passangers and crew are asleep. Thus, properly installed cellular supplements bandwidth during key periods when demand peaks.

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SIM Cloud for cellular connectivity management

Manage your cellular connectivity with the RebelRoam SIM Cloud. No need to procure, swap, or handle physical nor eSIMs.  No more problems with limited data plans or surprise cost overruns due to high roaming charges. RebelRoam SIM Cloud optimizes cellular connectivity at the intersection of availability, performance, and budget.

Local SIM cards are always the best option because they provide faster service at lower costs. With RebelRoam SIM Cloud advanced management algorithm SIMs are automatically assigned to modems based on the performance of available providers in real time.

By selecting the best cellular operators, the RebelRoam SIM Cloud system ensures maximum available bandwidth regardless of location. This approach reduces connectivity cost, allows simultaneous multi carrier connectivity, optimizes reliability, and maximizes speed. RebelRoam provides local or regional SIMs in consultation with clients based upon service availability and data usage patterns.

There are three types of SIM cards to fit the varying needs of users.

Local Cards

Local cards run the fastest, have the lowest latency, and deliver service at the lowest cost.

Regional Cards

Regional roaming SIM cards cover larger geographic areas and sacrifice some speed at increased cost.

Global Cards

Global roaming SIM cards simplify management but do so at the expense of both performance and cost.

RebelRoam SIM Cloud always prefers to establish cellular connectivity with the local breakout, where feasible. From time to time we rely on regional roaming SIMs cards to be practical in locations where clients do not generate sufficient data volumes to justify local access agreements.  Global cards are reserved for special situations because the resulting service is always inferior to what we achieve using local and regional sources.

Over the years RebelRoam has repeatedly shown that deploying local SIM cards from multiple local cellular operators (including from the RebelRoam 5G network, where available) in conjunction with multi-modem router solutions delivers maximum bandwidth and superior geographic coverage at the lowest cost.

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The RebelRocket is part of a project that has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº806295