Slava Ukraini Wi-Fi

RebelRoam is providing portable Wi-Fi routers for giving internet access to refugees. The routers can be used in the buses and refugee camps.

Understanding the Wi-Fi in the coach
Wi-Fi in a moving vehicle has constantly changing quality. Although we are doing a lot to maintain the highest possible quality – switching between different mobile operators but still sometimes the mobile operator coverage is not good enough. And if the mobile operator coverage is not good then Wi-Fi will also not be working.

What can I as a passenger do to reduce the load to the Wi-Fi
As explained previously the Wi-Fi quality depends on the mobile operator network quality. At any time there is certain amount of data bandwidth available. This data bandwidth is divided between all the passengers in the coach. If one user would start downloading big files or watching video then there will also be less bandwidth available for other users. Although we try to avoid situation where one users “consumes all the internet bandwidth” then it is still possible that one or two “heavy users” can decrease the quality a lot for other passengers.

We suggest to:
1) Turn off automatic download / upload programs like Dropbox, Google Drive and other backup services
2) Try to avoid using streaming services like Netflix, Youtube, music streaming etc programs as these consume a lot of data
3) Try to avoid uploading / downloading large data files
4) Using Torrents and other file sharing programs is not allowed.

Logic of the router

Best available network

The router will try to always choose the best available network.

Automatic restart

If router does not have internet connectivity for 5 minutes in a row then it will restart automatically. No need to plug it off.

Wi-Fi network

Logging into Wi-Fi network is not possible when there is no connectivity.


1. Plug in the router, Wi-Fi will be available after few minutes.
2. There are regular 220V and “cigarette lighter” electricity plugs available
3. Join the Wi-Fi with your phone. Wi-Fi name is “SLAVA UKRAINI”
4. The router works in all EU countries and is connected over 4G/LTE network.

The RebelRocket is part of a project that has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº806295