Tour & coach operators

Market is saturated with low cost Wi-Fi routers and SIM card offers for coach operators. You get what you pay for – quality of the lowest cost Wi-Fi service is often below the passengers expectations. Long distance and cross-border journeys are very challenging in terms of passenger Wi-Fi quality due to cellular network coverage and roaming conditions.

RebelRoam enables to overcome the quality issue with a tour & coach passenger Wi-Fi solution that aggregates multiple carriers for a single source of high speed connectivity with the widest possible geographic coverage. Service is facilitated by a cutting edge RebelRoam multimodem 4G / LTE portable and fixed vehicles routers. We also provide a Wi-Fi login portal with premium access webshop, which enables tour & coach operators to offset a big part of the costs by selling the Wi-Fi service to the most demanding customers.


Highest quality tour coach Wi-Fi

All inclusive managed service – hardware, software & connectivity

24/7 remote support service

Solution description

Dual modem 4G/ LTE/ Wi-Fi routers (portable or fixed)

Brandable Wi-Fi login portal with full monetisation capability

Continent-wide multi carrier 4G / LTE mobile broadband connectivity