Intercity coach & rail

Modern travelers expect connectivity everywhere. Most coach & rail operators have already deployed onboard passenger Wi-Fi. Yet, the quality of the Wi-Fi service is still an issue and causing passenger complaints. No single mobile operator is able to provide complete geographic coverage for high speed mobile broadband. Furthermore – concurrent users saturate the radio ether, compromising speed and reliability.

RebelRoam aggregates all mobile carriers to provide coach and rail companies with a single source of high speed connectivity. With the help of mobile network level traffic policing, -shaping and -acceleration, we are capable of delivering up to 10x improvement in passenger Wi-Fi quality with up to 3x cost per unit improvement. Service is facilitated by cutting edge RebelRoam eSIM, compatible with all automotive and rail certified mobile broadband routers.


10x better passenger Wi-Fi quality experience

3x cost reduction

Zero capital expenditure

Solution description

Commercial feasibility study, pre- and post trial quality measurement

Managed mobile broadband connectivity service

Usage and quality reporting service