RebelRoam is now Global Passenger Network (GPN) Alliance member

Passengers expect Wi-Fi to be available in coaches. However there are lots of challenges in offering good quality Wi-Fi service in a moving vehicle, especially if you are traveling through different countries.


Global Passenger Network (GPN) is a leading international organization in the field of passenger transportation by coaches. It consists of coach operators that focus on quality coach hire, from over 30 different countries.  Among other topics they are also looking for solutions on how to offer Wi-Fi on board of their coaches. With that in mind RebelRoam was invited to be an Alliance Partner for the GPN members.

Global Passenger Network (GPN) is an international organization of high quality motor coach operators present in 30 countries and offering over 25000 vehicles for hire. In some countries a single operator is the member whilst in others such as the UK and USA then there is a network of more than 50 companies. GPN promotes the use of motor coach service through the joint efforts of member motor coach companies and various alliances in the major markets throughout the world.

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