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RebelRoam takes on BusinessTech Winter 2016

Startup Wise Guys announced their latest batch of B2B  startups for their 6th program, BusinessTech Winter 2016.

Two programs ago they narrowed programs focus to B2B & SaaS. They’ve worked with startups ranging from data-analysis to different kinds of marketing. 

The third batch of BusinessTech is featuring 11 teams with founders coming from 6 countries: Canada, China, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine and United Kingdom.

Teams will participate in the 3+1 month program and receive initial funding of 30,000€. The responsive program will focus on building engaging product, driving sales and securing investments. They’ll also get support for implementing the FIWARE technology.

One of the 11 teams will only be implementing the FIWARE technology, while receiving a grant of 15,000€.

Original post: http://startupwiseguys.com/businesstech-opens-6th-program/

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