RebelRoam at Telia Estonia

RebelRoam won Telia Estonia accelerator program

Seven teams appeared before the panel to pitch and demo their ideas and developments over the past few months. The panel chose two teams, each of which will receive an equity free investment of € 10,000 from VUNK Accelerator and Labs powered by Telia Eesti. As well a daily mentorship programme in co-operation with Startup Wise Guys will kick-off in order to develop those ideas into expanding and independent businesses.

RebelRoam – Passenger Wi-Fi for cross border coaches

The second investment of € 10,000 went to the RebelRoam team / business idea. RebelRoam is a full-service WiFi access point for passengers of cross-border coaches. The local coach company Hansabuss announced in summer that it was ready to implement RebelRoam in its coaches after a successful pilot project. According to the team, the development is now in the phase where Europe’s second largest coach company is ready to use the solution in their coaches.

Tippy – Your app to tip anyone!

The first investment of € 10,000 went to the Tippy team / business idea. This is a mobile app for tipping waiters and giving feedback, which can be important for the owners of restaurants, bars and pubs. In addition to being a clever and practical application, Tippy is certain to delight many waiters and barmen who will be able to receive tips from customers even if they don’t carry cash. The team demonstrated the case of a waiter who earned 18 euros in tips in one evening with the help of Tippy. The team plans to spend the € 10,000 investment on introducing and marketing the app.

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