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Jaanus Kukk
Being able to offer passenger Wi-Fi on any trip in Europe is a competitive advantage. RebelRoam provides EU-wide mobile data connectivity with an attractive price point. They also empower us to provide passenger Wi-Fi at our own terms - reasonable amount is offered for free, while unlimited access is available for a small price.



About the service and our team

In short RebelRoam provides internet-as-a-service for all moving vehicles. Our clients told us that transportation (incl. buses) industries struggle a lot with roaming charges when it comes to cross-border mobile connectivity for passenger Wi-Fi and connected vehicles. So we provide the solution for that! Our solution covers everything needed to get online, even when traveling cross borders. You get: the Wi-Fi router, World or Europe-wide 4G / LTE data plan, cloud based monitoring and management platform & our support.

Henri Ploom

CEO, Co-Founder

Henri is responsible for bringing live our strategy to provide the best internet solution for the transportation industry. He is passionate about making systems work in the most efficient way. Having been a CEO for 15+ years in a technology sector he has got strong reference in international software development, IT-distribution and system integrations to make things happen.

Tarvo Topolev

CSO, Co-Founder

Tarvo is responsible for the sales and partnerships. He helps our customers to decide upon the best strategy for providing the onboard vehicle connectivity. His background is in statistical analytics, B2B sales, mobile payments and international business development from San Francisco to Singapore.

Magnus Rüütel

COO, Co-Founder

Magnus is responsible for on-time manufacturing and delivery of our products. He's also the contact for mobile operators to enable best data plan for our customers in all countries. His previous experience is from being a COO and CFO for more than 15 years in electronics contract manufacturing and global sourcing.

Kaido Pähn

Advisor, Co-Founder

Kaido is serial entrepreneur and ex CMO with 15+ years international experience in digital goods retail and wholesale with ELION, Klick and Apple

    Latest news and blog posts

    RebelRoam is now Global Passenger Network (GPN) Alliance member

    RebelRoam is now Global Passenger Network (GPN) Alliance member

    Passengers expect Wi-Fi to be available in coaches. However there are lot of challenges in offering good quality Wi-Fi service in a moving vehicle, especially if you are traveling through different countries.

    Mobile data consumption is growing 50% per year

    Mobile data consumption is growing 50% per year

    Mobile data consumption is growing at so fast pace that mobile operators are struggling to build networks that would be able to handle the huge […]

    Introduction of the new Wi-Fi solution for the 2016 season

    Introduction of the new Wi-Fi solution for the 2016 season

    Rebelroam is internet service provider (ISP) for the transportation industry. Our first key focus area is provide passenger Wifi for cross border coaches and buses.
    Our goal is to make it easy for transportation industry to meet the expectations of their main revenue source, the passengers.

    RebelRoam takes on BusinessTech Winter 2016

    RebelRoam takes on BusinessTech Winter 2016

    Startup Wise Guys announced their latest batch of B2B  startups for their 6th program, BusinessTech Winter 2016. Two programs ago they narrowed programs focus to […]

    RebelRoam won Telia Estonia accelerator program

    RebelRoam won Telia Estonia accelerator program

    Seven teams appeared before the panel to pitch and demo their ideas and developments over the past few months. The panel chose two teams, each […]


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